1. Is my passport safe from fradulent copying or illegal duplication

Good question, The Ministry of Interior and by extension the Immigration ministry and Posta Kenya have laid down strict protocols of handling passports and delivery of the same.

To prevent fraud, mitigation measures such as safe storage locations for storing the passports and surveillance of the premises where passports have been stored are just but a number of measures taken.

2. How do I collect my passport?

Click on the link ("") provided in the sms alert received and follow the prompts or visit our website(

and click on the icon showing passport collection and follow the prompts.

3. Which is the tracking no?

Tracking no is obtained from Immigration department and is indicated on the photo token receipt. The number starts with 111……

4. I lost/ misplaced the photo token receipt and therefore I don’t have the tracking number

Get in touch with or visit the Immigration office website for assistance.

5. I received a message to visit the Link for passport collection. What is the procedure?

Click on the link indicated on the sms message and follow the prompts (ensure your mobile data/ Wi-Fi is on to access the link)

6. I made a request for my passport to be delivered and I have not received it yet after the 48 hours.

Send your details to for further assistance

7. I paid via mpesa but order was not processed

Confirm that the paybill number and account number provide on portal is correct. If incorrect get in touch with us through the email

8. I paid for my passport and did not receive confirmation from Posta as indicated what the issue is.

Confirm you entered the correct paybill and account number. If wrongly entered get in touch with us through the email

9. I paid money to a wrong paybill

Kindly get in touch with safaricom for assistance.

10. I want my passport to be delivered to my nearest post office but I cannot locate the office in the list.

Share with us the office you want to collect your passport for further assistance.

11. My name is spelt wrongly in the passport.

Visit Immigration department for further assistance.

12. What documents should I come with when collecting the passports?

Original identification card, e-citizen print out. For a minor, original birth certificate and parent /guardian identification.